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District 78 "Like A Criminal"
Album: Thanks For The Falcon
Genres: Dubstep, Electronic
Moods: Devious, Serious, Energetic, Party

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Welcome To Division of Sound

Offering New Music & Emerging Artists

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What We Believe...

Music isn’t a “filler”.  It’s not “nice to have”, and it most certainly isn’t an afterthought.  Music is integral to bringing another dimension to your production, whatever it may be.  We have a wide footprint, but with strict criteria to only accept artists who live and breathe the music they create, so the same passion they record with can bring exponential value to the scenes you craft.

How DoS Can Help...

We understand that you don't always have the time to browse and search our catalog.  Here at DoS, we are always conscious of the timelines you work within, so the option is always available to let our SynchSquad do all the initial scouting for you, with a guarantee to deliver a playlist of quality tracks - right when you need them.


2014 Guild Award WinnersBest Music Supervision in Indie Film (Under $10m): GABE HILFER - "The Place Beyond the Pines" Best Music Supervision in a Documentary: JILL MEYERS - "Muscle Shoals" Best Music Supervision in Motion Picture (Under $35m): T BONE BURNETT - "Inside Llewyn Davis" Best Music Supervision in ... [ more ]

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